A complete list of all buildings, which may include those found only in beta or ones that aren't available yet.

Name Race Type
Main Hall Humans Main Hall
Main Hall Elves Main Hall
Builders' Hut Humans Builders' Hut
Builders' Hut Elves Builders' Hut
Residence Humans Residential
Residence Elves Residential
Workshop Humans Production
Workshop Elves Production
Footpath Humans Street
Footpath Elves Street
Magic Residence Premium Humans Residential
Magic Residence Premium Elves Residential
Magic Workshop Premium Humans Production
Magic Workshop Premium Elves Production
Trader Humans Trader
Trader Elves Trader
Magic Academy Humans Magic Academy
Magic Academy Elves Magic Academy
Simple Trail Humans Street
Cobbled Road Humans Street
Luxury Street Humans Street
Dwarven Street Humans Street
Blossom Street Humans Street
Rocky Road Humans Street
Greenery Street Humans Street
Lore Street Humans Street
Country Lane Humans Street
Eternal Street Humans Street
Divine Street Humans Street
Simple Trail Elves Street
Cobbled Road Elves Street
Ornate Street Elves Street
Dwarven Street Elves Street
Blossom Street Elves Street
Wooden Trail Elves Street
Greenery Street Elves Street
Lore Street Elves Street
Country Lane Elves Street
Eternal Street Elves Street
Divine Street Elves Street
Barracks Humans Military
Barracks Elves Military
Training Grounds Orcs and Goblins Military
Mercenary Camp Fairies Military
Armory Humans Armory
Armory Elves Armory
Marble Manufactory Humans Goods
Marble Manufactory Elves Goods
Steel Manufactory Humans Goods
Steel Manufactory Elves Goods
Planks Manufactory Humans Goods
Planks Manufactory Elves Goods
Crystal Manufactory Humans Goods
Crystal Manufactory Elves Goods
Scrolls Manufactory Humans Goods
Scrolls Manufactory Elves Goods
Silk Manufactory Humans Goods
Silk Manufactory Elves Goods
Elixir Manufactory Humans Goods
Elixir Manufactory Elves Goods
Magic Dust Manufactory Humans Goods
Magic Dust Manufactory Elves Goods
Gems Manufactory Humans Goods
Gems Manufactory Elves Goods
Glorious Statue Humans Cultural
Blue Flowers Humans Cultural
Prison of the Condemned Premium Humans Cultural
Holy Codex Humans Cultural
Magic Chasm Premium Humans Cultural
Delicatessen Butcher Humans Cultural
Barbecue Area Premium Humans Cultural
Hallowed Shrine Premium Humans Cultural / Residential
Golden Guards Humans Cultural
Red Flowers Humans Cultural
Floating Citadel Premium Humans Cultural
Monster Fountain Humans Cultural
Small Forecourt Premium Humans Cultural
Lord of the Legend Humans Cultural
Decorative Flower Pot Humans Cultural
Mage Tower Premium Humans Cultural
Fratricidal War Memorial Humans Cultural
Twin Flowerbed Humans Cultural
Astrolabe Premium Humans Cultural
Battle Monument Humans Cultural
Monument Square Premium Humans Cultural
Fountain of Youth Premium Humans Cultural / Residential
Central Place Humans Cultural
Royal Guard Premium Humans Cultural
Dragon's Keep Humans Cultural
Small Garden Humans Cultural
Battle Arena Premium Humans Cultural
Luminous Signpost Elves Cultural
Purple Blossom Trees Elves Cultural
Shrine of Enar Premium Elves Cultural
Flying Boat Elves Cultural
Anchor Point Premium Elves Cultural
Spot of Whispering Trees Elves Cultural
Flower Cage Premium Elves Cultural
Well of Floating Islands Premium Elves Cultural / Residential
Ancient Runes Elves Cultural
Orange Berries Trees Elves Cultural
Protector of the Woods Premium Elves Cultural
Statue of the Sacred Sage Elves Cultural
Gift of the Garden Fairy Elves Cultural
Vallorian Seasnake Premium Elves Cultural
Mysterious Cyclone Elves Cultural
Stairway of the Wind Premium Elves Cultural
Splendid Stone of Art Elves Cultural
Crop of Joy Elves Cultural
Mothertree Premium Elves Cultural
Temple of Ages Elves Cultural
Enar's Unicorn Premium Elves Cultural
Goddess of Fertility Premium Elves Cultural / Residential
Altar of the Forefathers Elves Cultural
Nature's Blessing Elves Cultural
Golden Torch Tower Premium Elves Cultural
Garden of Harmony Elves Cultural
Harmony Boardwalk Premium Elves Cultural
Ancient Grounds Dwarves Cultural
Traveler's Rest Dwarves Cultural
Elder Dragon Oracle Premium Dwarves Cultural
Wayfarer's Tavern Dwarves Cultural / Residential
Temple of the Holy Fire Dwarves Cultural
Mysterious Gate Keeper Premium Dwarves Cultural
Baoboak Trees Fairies Cultural
Cocoon Lampions Fairies Cultural
Temple of Seeds Premium Fairies Cultural
Harvest Festival Fairies Cultural
Singing Fish Organ Premium Fairies Cultural
Classy Lantern Fairies Cultural
Small Shrine Fairies Cultural / Residential
Giant Snail Palace Premium Fairies Cultural / Residential
Pond of Recreation Fairies Cultural
Princess Anwen Premium Fairies Cultural / Residential
War Drums Orcs and Goblins Cultural
Fancy Fossil Rock Orcs and Goblins Cultural
Grab Rap Shroom Premium Orcs and Goblins Cultural
King Diabhal's Throne Orcs and Goblins Cultural
Shrooms of Joy Premium Orcs and Goblins Cultural
Raid's Reward Orcs and Goblins Cultural
Red Queen's Kiss Orcs and Goblins Cultural
Symphony of the Swamp Premium Orcs and Goblins Cultural
Campfire BBQ Orcs and Goblins Cultural
Raptor's Nest Premium Orcs and Goblins Cultural
Autumn's Greetings Woodelves Cultural
Wood Ghosts' Housing Woodelves Cultural
Well of Spirits Premium Woodelves Cultural
Weeping Willow Woodelves Cultural
Gate of Manepica Premium Woodelves Cultural / Residential
Treant's Grave Woodelves Cultural
Mana Fountain Woodelves Cultural
Marlo the Patron Saint Premium Woodelves Cultural
Woodelves Habitat Woodelves Cultural / Residential
Playground of the Wood Ghosts Premium Woodelves Cultural
Witch Market Stall Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural
Chess Pieces Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural
Seal of Ansgard Premium Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural / Residential
Arcane Library Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural
Merdina's Broomstick Premium Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural
Prof. Juan's Needful Things Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural / Residential
Hexed Hedge Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural
Eternal Staircase Premium Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural
Magic Maze Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural
Wall of Wizdom Premium Sorcerers and Dragons Cultural
Water Lily Halflings Cultural
Guarding Grimaces Halflings Cultural
Torrin, God of Harvest Premium Halflings Cultural
Grape Farm Halflings Cultural
Garden Furnace Premium Halflings Cultural / Residential
Pole of Donations Halflings Cultural
Grapevines Halflings Cultural
Garden Party Premium Halflings Cultural
Barnyard of the Happy Pets Halflings Cultural / Residential
Traditional Fishery Premium Halflings Cultural
Life Drawing Session Elementals Cultural
Park Bench Elementals Cultural
Parade Bridge Premium Elementals Cultural / Residential
Café Masquerade Elementals Cultural
Butterfly Shrub Premium Elementals Cultural
Monument of a Peaceful Past Elementals Cultural
The Unknown Elvenar Elementals Cultural / Residential
Temple of the Elements Premium Elementals Cultural
Torch Fountain Elementals Cultural
Side Canal Premium Elementals Cultural
Flowers' Last Resort Amuni Cultural
Decorative Palm Amuni Cultural
Scarab Merchant Ship Premium Amuni Cultural
Bath of Pleasures Amuni Cultural / Residential
Floating Obelisk Premium Amuni Cultural
Attentive Observers Amuni Cultural
Obelisk of the Expellee Amuni Cultural
Cat Theater Premium Amuni Cultural
Fallen Brother Amuni Cultural
Treasure Vault Premium Amuni Cultural / Residential
Leaf Codex Event All Cultural
Sun Codex Event All Cultural
Lava Codex Event All Cultural
Crystal Unicorn Event All Cultural
Silver Unicorn Event All Cultural
Rainbow Unicorn Event All Cultural / Residential
Summer Flower Cage Event All Cultural
Arbor of Spring Flowers Event All Cultural
Rainbow Flower Cage Event All Cultural / Residential
Bronze Guards Event All Cultural
Silver Guards Event All Cultural
Heroic Banner Event All Cultural
Noble Banner Event All Cultural
Dark Signpost Event All Cultural
Glossy Garden Event All Cultural / Residential
Father Tree Event All Cultural
Observatory Event All Cultural
Venar's Rocks I Event All Cultural / Residential
Venar's Rocks II Event All Cultural / Residential
Venar's Rocks III Event All Cultural / Residential
Wonky Walter's Event All Cultural
Charming Tree Event All Cultural
Scream of Halloween Event All Cultural / Residential
Daunting Pumpkins Event All Cultural
Snow Flake Mountain Event All Cultural / Residential
Castle Snow Flake Event All Cultural / Residential
Tower of the Winter King Event All Cultural / Residential
Winter Star Event All Cultural / Residential
Frozen Lake Event All Cultural
Snowball Fight Event All Cultural
Lazy Snowman Event All Cultural
Igloo Festival Event All Cultural / Residential
Glacier Garden Event All Cultural / Residential
Lampion Winter Pond Event All Cultural
Winter Pond Habitat Event All Cultural / Residential
Temple of the Flame Event All Cultural
Temple of the Frozen Flame Event All Cultural
Father Glitter Tree Event All Cultural
Father Tree of Candy Canes Event All Cultural / Residential
Frozen Father Tree Event All Cultural
Frozen Unicorn Event All Cultural
Candy Cane Unicorn Event All Cultural
Winter Deer Event All Cultural
Snowy Charming Tree Event All Cultural
Frozen Flame Blue Event All Cultural
Frozen Flame Orange Event All Cultural
Frozen Flame Green Event All Cultural
Frozen Flame Purple Event All Cultural
Winter Lampions Event All Cultural
Winter Shrine Event All Cultural
Winter Forest Shrine Event All Cultural
Forest Igloo Event All Cultural
Frozen Tree Stump Magic Event All Cultural
Gaelagil's Balcony Event All Cultural / Residential
Burukbrak's Bridge of Love Event All Cultural
Mysterious Magic Egg Event All Cultural
Purple Phoenix Egg Event All Cultural / Residential
Rise of Phoenix Event All Cultural / Residential
Burning Egg Event All Cultural
Tower of Fire Event All Cultural
Phoenix Cult Event All Cultural / Residential
Phoenix Excursion Event All Cultural / Residential
Traveling Merchant I Event All Goods
Traveling Merchant II Event All Goods
Traveling Merchant III Event All Goods
Orc Nest Event All Cultural
Grounds of the Orc Strategist Event All Cultural
Sculpture of Phoenix Event All Cultural
Menhirok's Barrow Event All Cultural / Residential
Fruitful Fields Event All Cultural / Residential
Rocky Enclosure Event All Cultural
Dwarven Portal Dwarves Portal
Portal Tracks Dwarves Street
Granite Mine Dwarves Goods
Copper Foundry Dwarves Goods
Fairy Portal Site Fairies Portal
Flower Lane Fairies Street
Day Farm Fairies Goods
Night Farm Fairies Goods
Orc Portal Site Orcs and Goblins Portal
Chicken Glade Event All Cultural / Residential
Swamp Trail Orcs and Goblins Street
Mushroom Farm Orcs and Goblins Goods
Orc Rally Point Orcs and Goblins Goods
Forest Glade Woodelves Portal
Forest Trail Woodelves Street
Forest Fabrication Woodelves Goods
Marble Grafting Site Woodelves Goods
Steel Grafting Site Woodelves Goods
Planks Grafting Site Woodelves Goods
Wisdom Square Sorcerers and Dragons Goods
Campus Sorcerers and Dragons Portal
Alchemy Faculty Sorcerers and Dragons Goods
Arcane Faculty Sorcerers and Dragons Goods
Necromancy Faculty Sorcerers and Dragons Goods
Mother Dragon Event All Cultural / Residential
Spring Grove Halflings Portal
Irrigation Canal Halflings Street
Halflings Farm Halflings Goods
Grain Field Halflings Goods
Portal of the Elements Elementals Portal
North-South Canal Elementals Cultural
East-West Canal Elementals Cultural
Manifestation of Air Elementals Goods
Manifestation of Fire Elementals Goods
Manifestation of Earth Elementals Goods
Manifestation of Water Elementals Goods
Temple of the Dunes Amuni Portal
Pillars of the Temple Amuni Cultural
Palm Garden Amuni Cultural
Goat Rocks Event All Cultural
Temple of Veneration Amuni Cultural
Temple of Sustainability Amuni Cultural
Goldsmith Amuni Goods
Trap Maker Amuni Goods
The Herds Gathering Event All Cultural
The Great Auction Event All Cultural
The Cozy Farm Event All Cultural / Residential
Vallorian Valor Event All Cultural
Tree Enclosure Event All Cultural
Blue Tree Enclosure Event All Cultural
Sparkling Tree Enclosure Event All Cultural
Magnificent Mage Multiplier Event All Expiring
Unleashed Unit Upgrade Event All Expiring
Enlightened Light Range Event All Expiring
Magical Nutcracker Event All Cultural
Hazelnut Stubs Event All Cultural / Residential
Eldrasil's Sawmill Event All Cultural
Spheric Stub Event All Cultural
Eldrasil's Village Event All Cultural / Residential
Bowl of Nuts Event All Cultural / Residential
Eldrasil's Holy Halls Event All Cultural / Residential
Hazeltown Event All Cultural / Residential
Ice Giant Hag Event All Cultural / Residential
A sleighful of Ice Cubes Event All Cultural
Giant's Hand Event All Cultural
Snowy Village Event All Cultural / Residential
Fishing Spot Event All Cultural / Residential
Ice Mountain Troll Event All Cultural
Frozen Shipwreck Event All Cultural / Residential
Frozen Giants Shrine Event All Cultural
Baroness Estrella's Masquerade Event All Cultural
The Great Festivity of Mendaci Event All Cultural / Residential
Haunted Graveyard Event All Cultural
Windmill of Evil Event All Cultural / Residential
Mana Sawmill Event All Cultural
Squirrel Square Event All Cultural / Residential
Magical Mana Hut Event All Cultural
Flourishing Nut Cave Event All Cultural
Branchwood of Nuts Event All Cultural
Ice Village Event All Cultural / Residential
Frozen Fountain Event All Cultural
Ice Temple Event All Cultural
Frozen Orc Vortex Event All Cultural
Redbeard's Armchair Event All Cultural
Redbeard's Kitchen Event All Cultural / Residential
Wedding Altar Event All Cultural / Residential
Phoenix Lighthouse Event All Cultural
Phoenix Pavilion Event All Cultural
Cultist's Plaza Event All Cultural
Phoenix Worship Event All Cultural / Residential
Temple of Phoenix Event All Cultural / Residential
Burning Pool Event All Cultural
Phoenix Nest Event All Cultural / Residential
Galactical Phoenix Egg Event All Cultural
Unobtrusive House Event All Cultural / Residential
Obtrusive Phoenix Egg Event All Cultural
Spring Pavilions Event All Cultural
Spring Flower Cage Event All Cultural
Mysterious Egg Event All Cultural
Golden Palace Event All Cultural
Spring Mountain Temple Event All Cultural
Passageway of the Acolytes Event All Cultural
Wishing Well Event All Expiring
Venar's Spiritual Nexus Event All Cultural / Residential
Festival Booth Event All Cultural / Residential
VIP Lounge Event All Cultural / Residential
Lindworm Area Event All Cultural
Tome of Secrets All Ancient Wonder
Golden Abyss All Ancient Wonder
Mosh Pit Event All Cultural / Residential
Endless Excavation All Ancient Wonder
Needles of the Tempest All Ancient Wonder
The Sanctuary Humans Ancient Wonder
Martial Monastery Elves Ancient Wonder
The Great Bell Spire Humans Ancient Wonder
Crystal Lighthouse Elves Ancient Wonder
Watchtower Ruins All Ancient Wonder
Thrones of the High Men All Ancient Wonder
Dwarven Bulwark Dwarves Ancient Wonder
Mountain Halls Dwarves Ancient Wonder
Prosperity Towers Fairies Ancient Wonder
Blooming Trader Guild Fairies Ancient Wonder
Heroes' Forge Orcs and Goblins Ancient Wonder
Shrine of the Shrewdy Shrooms Orcs and Goblins Ancient Wonder
Main Stage Event All Cultural / Residential
Enar's Embassy Woodelves Ancient Wonder
Flying Academy Woodelves Ancient Wonder
Maze of the Dark Matter Sorcerers and Dragons Ancient Wonder
Dragon Abbey Sorcerers and Dragons Ancient Wonder
Temple of the Toads Halflings Ancient Wonder
Elvenar Trade Center Halflings Ancient Wonder
Sunset Towers Elementals Ancient Wonder
Victory Springs Elementals Ancient Wonder
Pyramid of Purification Amuni Ancient Wonder
Lighthouse of Good Neighborhood Amuni Ancient Wonder
Bathrooms Event All Cultural / Residential
Dancing Ground Event All Cultural
Techno Tent Event All Cultural
Orc Playground Event All Cultural / Residential
Acrobat Stage Event All Cultural
Festival Merchant Event All Cultural
Elvees Stage Event All Cultural / Residential
Stretch Carriage Event All Cultural
Smallest Room Event All Cultural
Entrance Area Event All Cultural
Ferris Wheel Event All Cultural / Residential
Woodelvenstock Event All Cultural / Residential
Monopteros Event All Cultural
Mystical Lake Event All Cultural
Festival Camping Grounds Event All Cultural / Residential
Glorious Arch of Triumph Event All Cultural / Residential
Magnificent Triumphal Column Event All Cultural / Residential
Great Monument of Prosperity Event All Cultural / Residential
Memorial of Heroes Event All Cultural / Residential