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This website provides tools to assist in the management of your city in Elvenar, a fantasy city builder game, developed by InnoGames.

Assorted update
News, Wednesday 18 October 2017

This update may contain features only available on the Beta server.

You can switch to Beta mode from within the language menu.

Just a few minor updates to the battle simulator:

  • Addition of a movement behaviour setting, allowing you to specify how your squads move in battle.
  • Corrections to the, now renamed, target priority logic.

The building comparison pages have also received a few changes:

  • Now you can compare buildings by the amount of coins or supplies that they produce.
  • All buildings now have a checkbox that allow you to select if they ignore filters and always remain visible. Very useful for comparing buildings across different filters.
  • By default, only 100 buildings are shown to improve performance in certain browsers.

Two new buildings have been added, which are rewards for the upcoming Halloween questline:

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