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The Halflings are coming!
News, Wednesday 24 May 2017

Version 1.31 introduces the next guest race on the Beta server ... the Halflings. Things to note are:

  • The Trader now produces a resource called Divine Seeds. The daily production amount is affected by multiple factors dependent on the level of your Main Hall (Humans, Elves), so make sure to check there to see the modifiers.
  • Two new wonders have been released, but there effects are not yet available.
    • Temple of the Toads - Originally built to pay homage to all the creatures that protect the harvest, it has become a magic center for all heavy ranged units, increasing their strength in battle and attracting more of them to your town.
    • Elvenar Trade Center - This building will make every merchant jealous. The florishing trade relations will produce additional Divine Seeds and increase the duration and strength of the Magical Manufactoring spell.
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