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City Planner - Advanced Reporting
News, Tuesday 24 April 2018

Important Notice:

Version 1.54 brings changes to all event buildings on Beta, and many will provide different amounts of population or culture than it does on other servers.

If you wish to see how this affects your city, switch to Beta in the language menu.

This update has been in the works for quite a while now but it's finally here. Although the report in the city planner hasn't seemed to change much aesthetically, it is now interactive and much more powerful, providing customisation and breakdown on all aspects of your city.

  • Customisable variables ( ) allow you to set values in your city that affect the bonuses and production of certain buildings. These include: culture bonus, completed provinces, battle squadsize, boosted goods, and ranking points for world map progress and tournaments.

  • Configurable production ( ) means you are no longer limited to only daily production cycles. It is now possible to set your preferred option on each building.

    Note: Due to increasing complexity, the ability to mix options has been removed for now.

  • Report breakdowns give you an insight to how certain values are calculated and how efficient each building is in that metric.

  • Added resources to the production report: divine seeds and sentient goods.

    Note: Goods are automatically shown on the report if you have at least one building capable of producing that good.

  • Ranking points breakdown has been recategorised to reflect the way it is displayed in game.


Bug fixes

  • Settings in the city planner are now persistent across all plans.
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