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This website provides tools to assist in the management of your city in Elvenar, a fantasy city builder game, developed by InnoGames.

Game version 1.23 - Sorcerers and Dragons
News, Thursday 09 February 2017

Following the release of 1.23 on beta, the following has been added to the Elven Architect.

  • With the new guest race Sorcerers and Dragons arriving in Elvenar, buildings have been added to both the buildings section and city planner.
  • Two new buildings for the Valentines event, Gaelagil's Balcony (Cultural / Residential) and Burukbrak's Bridge of Love (Cultural).
  • Updated German and French translations with the kind help from players.

-- Update --

  • Sorcerer and Dragons now present a choice between cultural buildings that focus more on either Culture or Mana. So the mana index page has been added to help determine which buildings provide mana most efficiently.
  • Any changes in the Settings popup in the city planner are now saved across sessions.
  • German and French translations have been added for the new guest race buildings.
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