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This website provides tools and information to assist in the management of your city in Elvenar, a fantasy city builder game.

Important Update Regarding Saving In The City Planner

On the 23rd November 2018, there will be some changes made to the website that will affect saves made with the city planner.

Saving by Browser

This website will start enforcing secure connections by moving from HTTP to the HTTPS protocol. Browsers do not recognise that these are the same website, so saves made in the HTTP version will no longer be accessable.

For the next few weeks, you can move your city plan to the HTTPS version by using one of the other save methods, and then start using the secure version immediately.

Saving by Link

Space is constantly being added to keep up with demand for saving with this method and I'm unable to add more without a significant increase in hosting costs. So it's about to time to start cleaning some of the old plans out to make space for the new.

City plans that have not been viewed in the past 6 months will be deleted.
All other city plans are safe!

You can refresh the expiry date on your plan by simply visiting it.

Please note ...

Once these changes have been made, I will not be able to restore any of your city plans that are no longer accessible.

The Harvest Festival
News, Thursday 20 September 2018

A new event has landed on beta, The Harvest Festival, which brings with it the following:

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