Big update
Thursday 01 August 2019

The long awaited "next version" of the website is finally here, which includes many changes across the board.

Although the update mainly focused on the underlying code by migrating it to a newer framework, it has allowed for many optimisations and additions to be made. The full changelog is as follows:

General Updates:

  • A search feature is now available on the top menu, enabling you to quickly find any page, building or unit.
  • General improvements to localized number formats.
  • A Privacy Policy has been added.

City Planner:

  • Many aspects of the City Planner have been optimised, allowing for quicker load times and smoother performance.
  • Tips have been added to the loading screens to highlight the not so obvious features of the tool. These can also be accessed from the Help menu.
  • You can now load your Browser save from the first screen.
  • You can now start the Import process from the first screen.
  • The Build menu will now show if a building produces orcs, mana or seeds.
  • The Highlight tool now allows you to select buildings that produce culture or seeds.
  • Manual Report refreshing is gone, the report will refresh automatically whilst it is open. Hide the report if performance is an issue.
  • Advanced Reports now allow you to sort results by clicking on the column header.
  • The Trader level is now visible.

Training Calculator:

Research Calculator:

  • A new tool is now available, the Research Calculator allows you to calculate how much a chapter with cost. Specify which technologies you have yet to unlock and which building you have, or plan to have.


  • New Building Comparison pages have been added for both Orcs and Divine Seeds
  • The building details page now shows the connections it needs and if there are any fixed caps.
  • For evolving buildings, you can now select the desired stage and it will update the buildings provisions accordingly.


  • New Unit Comparison pages have been created. Nothing special here, just information in one place to determine what a unit type is strong and weak against.