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New Guest Race: Constructs & Carnival Event
News, Tuesday 05 February 2019

This update may contain features only available on the Beta server.

You can switch to Beta mode from within the language menu.

The Constructs have arrived on beta for you to play with. The following buildings have been added:

  • 10 cultural buildings
    • 4 are premium
    • 2 provide population
    • 6 produce mana
  • 5 settlement buildings, which belong to the new Contructs Set
  • 2 ancient wonders

Note: There are differences in values in the game files between the beta and live worlds, so make sure to switch to beta mode on this website.

--- Update ---

At the same time, the Carnival event is also available on beta, bringing with it:

  • 12 event buildings
    • 2 provide population
    • 7 produce resources
    • 5 belong to the Carnival Set
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