Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions that are asked. If your question has not been answered then please get in contact.

Why is the population/culture in my city plan different to my city in game?

Quite often, your total population/culture may differ to your city in game. Here are some common reasons as to why this mayhappen:

  • Building or upgrading a building in game will consume the requirements instantly but will only reward the benefits once it has completed. For example, an upgrade to level 10 will still only give the benefits of level 9 during the upgrade process. Try to only compare city stats when you have no builders active.
  • Ensure all the necessary buildings in game are connected to the correct street. The city planner will still give a building's benefits if not connected to a street, which is not true for in game mechanics.
  • Verify you have built the correct event buildings. Despite them not having levels, they do differ depending on the chapter your were in when you first obtained them. Hover over the building to check its values, and if incorrect choose again from the Build menu but make sure you have selected the correct chapter.

If you are still experiencing differences then you are more than welcome to contact me. Please make sure that you include a link to your city plan (created from the Save menu) and your expected values.

Why does a building/unit have different characteristics to those found in game?

I try to keep up with latest changes found on the beta server. This may result in a difference of values between found on this website and those found on a live server, typically due to a balance update.


Visit the Release Notes subforum on the beta forum.

Why does a building have the wrong size/orientation?

I often get bug reports on buildings being the wrong size or orientation. This is often because of the way the player perceives the in-game map.


Due to the game's isometric view, it creates a difference of opinion on which way is actually North. Some players say it is where the mountains are, while others believe it is where the forest lies. Unfortunately, both opinions can't be right and according to the game true North is where the mountains are.

Another consideration is a building's size, which is measured by Width x Length. So a building whose size is 4x3 is 4 tiles wide and 3 tiles long.


Those who subscribe to the alternative North need not despair nor have to adjust.

In the Settings menu, click the Rotate button.

How can I print my city plan?

Some players find it useful to print a physical copy of their plan so they can reference it while playing.


Unfortunately, this feature is not fully supported right now. Browsers disable background colours and images by default, and the city planner makes liberal use of this feature


You can either enable background image printing in your printing settings, or use to zoom controls in the Settings menu to fit the plan on one screen and then take a screenshot. Paste that screenshot into your favourite image editor and print from there.