Battle Simulator

Battle armies against each other to determine who will come out victorious.

Army Setup

This is [still] an experimental feature

This simulator has now evolved to allow battles for up to 5vs8 squads.

The purpose is to give an idea on how different army setups perform based on units' characteristics, bonuses, abilities and behaviour.

Limitations: Although the simulator accounts for starting positions and distance between squads, battle takes place on a one-dimensional field so it does not include obstacles belonging to other squads or the environment. Damage variation is not used and only the average damage of a squad is considered. The AI is basic for now but can be changed in the advanced settings.

Roadmap: As well as addressing the limitations specified above, there are plans for this tool to have a more visual setup and fight log so that you specify obstacles on the field and view battle replays.

This simulator may produce different results to the battle fought in game.