Battle Simulator

Pit units against each other to determine who will come out victorious.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is attack damage calculated?

The damage formulas have changed a few times throughout Elvenar's history. It is believed that the following is the current one in use.

Squad Damage * Remaining Squad Size / Total Squad Size

So if 50% of your squad remain, then it will deal 50% of it's damage.

Source: [Beta Forum] Damage Calculations

How is retaliation damage calculated?

It's calculated in the same way as attack damage above, but it's believed at a factor of 40%.

Attack Damage * 40%

Source: [Beta Forum] Damage Calculations

What modifies damage?

There are multiple factors which modify a damage's final value. These are:

Any strength bonus that the attacking unit has as a result of an ancient wonder.
Any attack bonus that the attacking unit has vs the defending unit's class.
Any defense debuff that the defending unit has as a result of another unit's ability.
Any defense bonus that the defending unit has vs the attacking unit's class.
Any attack debuff that the attacking unit has as a result of another unit's ability.
Something isn't quite adding up ...
If you spot any inconsistencies, then contact me and let me know about it. Please try to include examples to prove your case.
This is an experimental feature

It starts off as a simple tool that allows you to simulate fights between two squads 1 vs 1, in order to get a feel about units' strengths and weaknesses without having to spend units in game.

If proven to be popular, this tool may eventually be expanded to incorporate full 5 vs 8 squad fights and automatic squad suggestions.

If you come across any bugs, inconsistencies or have any suggestions then please get in touch.